At MindCypress we believe each candidate has a unique skill-set and hence, we don’t follow a standard set of admission rules while providing admissions assistance. Each service starts with a kick-off meeting during which the assigned consultant will get to know the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, academic & professional experiences and advise on the best way to position themselves at the university/ college. Our consultants ensure that the story looks not only authentic, but also proves to be successful. Read below some of our client stories and what made them successful.

Despite a strong profile, she didn’t get admission in a top-rated university. Where did she go wrong (other than not enrolling for any admissions consultation)?

  • She didn’t network with any of her target school’s alumni or university professors
  • She prepared the same set of essays, letters of recommendations, resume for each school
  • She didn’t select the best set of professional and academic recommenders
  • She had a great profile, but she didn’t fully leverage all her strength areas while writing the essays
  • She thought what works in her home country will work in the U.S. too, that is, good academic background is enough to land you your dream career or dream job
  • Negative Future Impact-Her chances of getting into a top US investment bank after graduation also reduces. Reason being most of the top banks prefer students of Ivy League and Tier I schools over others


Potential candidate wanted to do her MBA from an Ivy league school. Her last held position was AVP, Analytics at a well-renowned bank.

This is her bio:
  • BA(H) Psychology-Tier II college in India
  • MS in Economics-Top college in Singapore
  • GMAT score-710
  • Years of Experience-5
  • Volunteer Experience-None
  • GRE score-310/340
  • GPA- 3.4/4
  • Years of Experience-3
  • GPA- 3.9/4

Despite an average profile, the candidate was able to get admission in a top U.S. graduate school in his desired PhD program and that too with full scholarship.

What worked in his favor?
  • While writing essays his admission consultant suggested that the candidate emphasizes on his past volunteer experience and his goal to teach under-privileged children internationally
  • He worked on his strength areas (volunteer experience) taking focus away from his average GRE scores and GPA
  • Positive Future Impact-His chances of getting into a top international organization after graduation increased

Following case shows that despite a strong profile, candidate may not able to get into a top university without proper guidance.


Candidate wanted to do his PhD in Psychology from a top ranked graduate school. His last held position was as a middle-school psychology teacher.

A little bit more on his background:
  • BA(H) Psychology-Tier II college in India
  • Years of Experince-3 years
  • Volunteer Experience-Teach under-privileged kids during summer time for past 10 years