MindCypress is a premier agency that assists international students with placement into their choice of university. We also have access to universities through our Agency partnership if a student can’t decide on which school is best for him/her. We have several offices around the world that work together to bring international undergraduate and graduate students to the U.S. to continue or start their college career. Our goal is to assist students with transitioning into the U.S. universities/colleges as effortlessly as possible. It is important that international students not only feel welcomed by their new college/ university, but also have an agency support system that understands what they are facing and helping them deal with those challenges. 

Key highlights of why a university should partner with us:

  • We recruit high achieving students from all over the world
  • We have multiple offices across the world to ensure student diversity
  • We offer students to not only study in the U.S., but other countries like Canada, UK ,  Australia etc as well.
  • It is free for all students to sign up with us
  • Most importantly, we offer a peace of mind that the student scholar will have the guidance and assistance they need as they transition to their new university.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email at partner@mindcypress.org to get further details.