Post Admission Guidance

Post Admission Guidance

Getting an offer letter from the institution only gets the race started. You need to start planning from the first day itself, so that you are not left behind.

We at MindCypress, ensure that you do not face any such brain-fade moments.

Our more than apt counselors will assist you at every step once your admission is confirmed. We not only help you with visa services, accommodation services but we also provide you an able assistance during your internship phase.

Visa Services

If you get an offer letter for an institution, you still have to apply for the specific visa depending on your needs.
We understand what it takes to study abroad. Securing a visa is one of the important steps in the process. We understand that being a student or a parent, your top priority should be studies and that is why we provide you full assistance with visa services, so you do not spend your time entangled with the process.

We take the pain for you. We acquaint you with the process, take care of your documentation and stay with you throughout, so as to extend the desired help.

Apply for your preferred course and study at top Universities.

The important cogs remain


Travelling Dates: We help you to apply for visa in the desired country within the stipulated time. It is important to consider when your batch starts, and on the basis of it, we help you to apply for the visa.

Documentation: It remains important that none of the document is missing from your file. We at MindCypress, help you to prepare your file and present it to the consulate, without any hiccups.

Face-off: Going for visa interview can at times make a candidate nervous. We ensure that you do not have to face those nervous break-downs by assisting you step by step, with do’s and don’ts.

Once you get the visa, we will help you with the pre-on-boarding process helping you wherein we discuss about the do’s and don’ts, acquaint you to understand their culture in nutshell so you do not feel the cultural shock.

We help you with the key contacts in case of any emergency, or for general inquiries. Whether they may be about joining a club or a society, reaching out for ESL program or homesickness.


Accommodation Services

We at MindCypress, believe that as a student you do not have to take pains for the things other than studies and for that we have also introduced the accommodation services.

Airport pickup, temporary residence or helping you select accommodation either on rent or on-campus boarding, we try and provide you with the best possible services at our helm.

Rent Services: If you feel on-campus boarding might be a costly affair, we try and help you with the rent services. You can choose to stay on rent. Most of the students choose to rent rooms, so as to get to know more about the place, get to know more people etc. We will help you to get the best of the available prices.

Campus Boarding: It can prove to be helpful as you will help to travel less, you can save time and travel expenses. Parents generally prefer these, because it is comparatively safe as compared to living on rent.


Internship Services

Once you near an end to a semester, you might be required to do an internship. We will try and help you to secure an internship by placing you in our network. We will help to schedule interviews, so you do not have to do much of the hard-work, a general student has to do.