Post-Graduation Services

Post-Graduation Services
How does it feel when the confetti is flying up in the air but life after college flashes in front of your eyes?
Grim, right?
We assist you with job opportunities and with the professional training. We provide you with customized training programs that might suit you and your organization. Even in case you want to change your career, we will be more than ready to assist you through the transition process.

Career Counseling

Life becomes an oxymoron after completing graduation. There are times you feel you have It all and then there are times you feel that you might have nothing.

During such cross-roads it is vitally important that you receive guidance. We at MindCypress, believe that the relation should not be temporary. We provide you the much needed help via counseling. Whatever your questions might be, we provide you the best professional guidance backed by experience and knowledge in the industry.

It never got any better than this.


Apply for your preferred course and study at top Universities.

Job Opportunities

Securing to get placement during the OPT (Optional Practical Training) can be tough at times. We assist you with the process, sharing your resume with the placement areas around you, so you can begin your career on a positive note.


Career Change – Guidance

Doesn’t it get hapless at times?

You must have wondered, what if I do not like the profession once I have entered in it.

We have the Plan B for you. Whatever it might be, after thorough counseling, we gain further insight into your choice of roles which might interest you and help you with the smooth transitioning process.


Professional Training

21st century is the age of updating yourself and keep up with the updates in your industry. The degree you might earn in 2019 might be of no use as compared to the one, one earns in 2030. Hence, it is important that you earn vital certifications during your professional career.

It will not only help you to grow professionally, it will also earn you further respect from your employees and will benefit you at the large.

With MindCypress up to date training programs, covering many industries, it can give a boost to your career that it might need at times.

Below are the courses we provide:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management Professional Certification
  • Financial Data Modeling
  • Business Analytics
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Six Sigma Certification