Pre Admission Guidance

Pre Admission Guidance

Before taking an admission, it is important to consider various factors which can change your life for better or worst.

We discuss range of concerns through profile reviewing, which is like a get-to-know you process. Here, we talk about your interests, hobbies, likes or dislikes, your views on your past and present, your vision about your future. This helps us to guide you in the best way possible, helping you to choose what is best for you.

Once we have reviewed your profile, we counsel you based on information collected from your during the profile reviewing. We then help you with various list of colleges, their pros and cons (curriculum, fee, geographical conditions et cetra). This is more of working with you so as to help you make your mind.

  1. Profile Reviewing
  2. Peer Counseling
  3. College Application Guidance
    • Essay Guidance
    • Letter of Recommendation Guidance
    • Statement of Purpose Guidance
    • Resume Preparation
    • Documents Submission
  4. Scholarship assistance


Apply for your preferred course and study at top Universities.

Profile Reviewing

Does it even makes sense counsel people on the basis of our prejudiced experience?

We work with every student as the new case. Our professional team work with the child, so as to understand their requirements, their dreams and their hopes from the future.

It includes a brief discussion about the client’s life: their educational, professional experiences that they have gained alongside the age, so as to guide them accordingly. It is the most important part as we need to ensure that once the client has gone through this vital process, we are able to guide him with her/his doubts and assist accordingly.

It helps us to refer him/her to the best institution, which meet the requirements of the student and the eligibility criteria of the institution.


Peer Counseling

Isn’t it amazing to counsel someone, to help someone get through a challenge?

It is fairly important that the client is being helped by the person he has already shared his heart out with. Peer counseling helps a client to make the best possible choices. While we review the profile we help a client to understand their choices. This helps them to choose a preferred location for higher studies and a university.

Here, we help them to narrow down their choices to help them concentrate on the best of the institutions where it will be in their best interest to apply for an admission. We discuss their geological, economical, sociological preferences which helps us to guide them with the best choices.


College Application Guidance

Life is not a bed of roses.

Every one of us knows it but the child realizes it when they pass their 12th and it feels like the struggle has just begun. You have to get through the cut-offs, prepare self for the upcoming semesters, involve self in the communities and take it on from there.

Thus to choose an institution is the primary challenge. The secondary challenge is to get through the application process, while studying abroad. Be it preparing a sterling resume, assist you with statement of purpose, essays or recommendation letters, MindCypress counselors will help you prepare the best for the best. Each of the services are catered by different specialists who will help you get through the application process.

Essays are important part of the application. It helps the admission committee to understand you as a person and whether the institute will be able to justify your expectations. Thus, it is important to do your research while you look to submit your essay. Our essay specialists will help you to craft your essays which has a reflection of your sheer personality. We will help you to understand the institution’s expectations from an essay so that we can help you create a sterling essay.
We have so much to write but so less a space, isn’t it? It is more about give and take. It is worth understanding that you need to be sure of why you are applying in a specific institution for the specific course and what are you going to bring to their university as an individual.
Most of the times, people make it a habit of mentioning the best points about a candidate and forget that it has to be an evaluation with an accompanying reason why are you being recommended. Ever gave it a thought? Our specialist will help you to understand what you require in a recommendation letter and accordingly present it to an institution.
It is vital part of your application process. Technically, it justifies your Statement of Purpose and weighs your recommendation letter. It also helps to synchronize your essays about yourself and your experiences. It walks them through your profile, in general. This is generally followed by other requirements like Statement of Purpose, Recommendation Letter Guidance, and Essays. Thus resume plays an important role of leaving a mark on the admission committee. It is vital to have a resume which balances your application, your past and your upcoming future. Our specialists will assist you through the process of creating the near best resume which shall leave a positive vibe about you on the application checker’s heart.
It is generally asked in programs such as MBA but it is solely institute’s choice to ask you for a brief interview. The reasons may vary, but it becomes very important for you to be ready about the interview process. It is important that you leave your mark in those 10 minutes vital interaction which displays your interest in the course and foregrounds your vision. We help you get through it by helping you to use the right words for your unvoiced or unexplained expressions, a right tone and a right attitude.

It is important to realize that while the admission committee is strict, they are not there to scare you with the application process. They have requirements so they can understand your choices and accordingly decide whether they suit your interests or not.


Scholarship Guidance

Isn’t it nice when your studies are somewhere partly or fully endorsed by an institution?We have done the research for you already, so you do not have to go through the tedious links to care.

There might be various scholarships available in your country and the country you want to study in. We help you scan the best and the available scholarships.